The Side Effects of Negative In-Laws: How to Safe Your Relationship
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The Side Effects of Negative In-Laws: How to Safe Your Relationship

We all have our past and we all have our likes and dislikes on people. But when you meet the man or woman of your dreams, keep in mind you might just not be the son or daughter-in-law your partner's parents might have had in mind. Some in-laws can really be such a burden that they can break up the relationship. Here some things to do when you deal with negative in-laws.

Just when you might have found the man or woman of your dreams, you might find another obstacle in life you might not have encountered when you were single: in-laws.

Cliches in films, jokes and whatever our truly based on something. All parents want the best for their children, but are often so narrow minded in a pattern, that whatever partner their son or daughter brings home, will never meet their standards. You really cannot blame or change them, but when they start menacing in the relationship, it is time to take action.

Signs that you might meet bad in-laws are:

- when you date a person that has had several relationships and always ends up dumped.

This person might be a flirt, but it might just as well be that this person suffers from parents that scared off all partners before you. If you really try to be the perfect son of daughter-in-law, you will just end up giving an act that will not work. Best is to meet them, before you judge your partner.

- when you date a person that still lives with his/her parents

Adults might still live with their parents for economical reasons or whatsoever, but some parents are just not willing to let their child go. And when you walk in and want to take their little boy or girl out, you might be in for something.

How will you know if your in-laws like you?

Well, if they do nothing more than gossiping about the weak sides of your partner and telling things that he or she might cheat on you, be aware.

They might mean well and know their child is a rotten apple, but this is rare. Most people will take side for their kid, even if it is a rotten apple. But this might just be not true, but great to break the trust and end up the relationship.

Sometimes in-laws really are pests that will be straight into your face. They will call you names, find arguments to hurt you and in rare cases even become physically violent. They will set up traps to destroy the relationship.

When those things happen, best is to listen to your heart. Talk to your partner. Yes, do not think he/she will turn on them, because they remain his/her parents, but do say when it bothers you.

Keep in mind your in-laws are unhappy people, that do not accept the happiness of their child. If they really show you no respect, just make up your mind. Tell your partner he/she might have to face one thing: losing you or breaking with his/her parents. It does not have to be so radical, but just do not join him/her on family visits anymore. If he/she loves you and respects you, he/she might understand that it is not fun for you, to be bullied all the time. If they start picking on him/her as well, best might be to avoid all contact.

Only true love might survive certain negative in-laws and best is to look at them as tests that will make your relationship stronger. If they are frustrated about it, it is their problem.

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