The Dating Game Updated
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The Dating Game Updated

The dating mentality of girls. What women expect.

Do Girls Think Differently From Men?

You Want The Girl To Like You

You have gotten yourself a date and are picking up your date for the first time as a real date. The two of you might already know each other from work or from having met in another place. What matters on your first date is that it is officially sanctioned as a time when a boy and girl are deliberately going out as a couple. You and your date are not married or engaged but, according to the rules of society, you are stepping out as a pair or as a couple. Your emotional connection with your girl is already established in her mind whether or not she lets you know or even if she very modern or acts it.

As the male partner to your girl, your mental connection should be on the lines of shared moments when the two of you can connect when talking about something or sharing a meal. Trying to read your dates mind is not really a good way of making a favorable mental connection with your girl. She might sense that you are not happy to be out with her but are using her for some personal reason. Your second lesson beside understanding the couple part of dating is that your date is also a person who has feelings about her personal space and her worth as a person and not as an attachment to your space. Some girls complain about boys with whom they will not have a second date is that they felt suffocated. Some girls complain about boys with whom they will not have a second date is that they felt as if they were out by themselves. And, some girls complain about a boy with whom they will not go out with again that he made her feel isolated.

When you go out with someone with whom you would like to establish a mental connection, you should about those three pitfalls by accepting your date first of all as a person although of the opposite gender. Your girl is as anxious as you in making a favorable impression and of establishing a mental bridge which she interprets as a connection to your emotions. Your date automatically feels that she owns some part of your emotions when you go out on a date with her. How you deal with those assumptions and whether you will give your relationship time to build a mental connection depends on your reasons for dating your girl and your feelings towards her once you have gotten to go out with her on a date. Your emotional connection to your girl can be established on your first date and may never be established even after ten years of marriage. It all depends on you as a person and accepting yourself and your girl for who you are.

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