The Advantages and Disadvantages of Meddling
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Meddling

There are advantages and disadvantages of meddling.

Just put yourself in a situation where your neighbor just stepped into your yard one morning and told you straight in the face that you don't know how to grow flowers. Pointing at the roses that were very pale in color and almost losing the few leaves that they have and saying, "Oh no, you don't really know how to grow roses. Look at my garden, those roses is all blood red in color and they are all so beautiful with those thick green leaves."

What would you feel? I'm sure you feel like telling your meddling neighbor to go home and mind her own business. But then setting aside your pride, you begin to wonder why there is a big difference between the roses that both of you grow in your yards. And the next time your neighbor turned her head to look at your lovely roses; you smile and invite her to see your roses that have grown as beautiful as her roses. Now, you can say that meddling here has produced a positive result. 

What if meddling on the other hand goes the other way around because there are advantages as well as disadvantages of meddling?

Well, it depends on the person who views what meddling is all about. Some people meddle to destroy lives, career or relationships. Relationships could easily be ruined by meddling people. It only takes a few minutes for a great talker to convince someone to believe something.

Meddling is often associated with a bad manner. It is minding other people's affairs that you have no business about. It is stepping in someone else's toes. Meddling sometimes makes one an enemy or a friend. It is sometimes advisable to meddle over other people's affairs but should not be done very often. If the need comes for you to meddle on other people's business, you just have to drop off your line and go for the aid of the person in need. Like when you see a husband hurting his wife or parents maltreating their children. It isn't right to mind your own business when there is a need for you to mind other people's inappropriate manners or behaviors.

If you see someone who needs help, you have to meddle even if it means breaking other people's rules about minding your own business. People often look at meddling people as mean and rude people but they fail to see the good point that a meddling person wants to impart. Take for example the part of parents who meddle over the affairs of their children. Parents want what's best for their children and meddling over what they do is often the best way for them to correct their misdemeanors and bad vices. Siblings too often meddle with each other because they care and love each other.

Meddling could take the negative side because some people just love meddling in order to ruin someone. There are people whose job is to meddle over something that they have no part of. Instead of doing something to patch up differences, some meddlers sometimes make differences become worse instead of better.

It is not bad to meddle over other people's affairs if you are doing what is right, just put limitations in your actions.

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