Right and Ritual
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Right and Ritual

cell phone use vs. influence of marijuana while driving

Haven’t we all been on the way home, still lurching over the wheel waiting for the lights to change? In sight of your driveway, literally staring down the man putting your “ESPN” magazine within the door. Why does he get to be the first to touch what I pay for? When suddenly your session is interrupted, like an aurora of blue and red you compose yourself, stay together man. Your eyes to auto pilot twelve o’clock. Fists tighten, inhale, don’t look to the right don’t look down, and exhale. Thank goodness it’s over. Picks up your phone to answer a buddy’s call then reality jars back in. Sounds of whoops filter into the soft core around you. Was I just pulled over for picking up my phone?

Public authority is the stoned man’s enemy. But is ‘’being under the influence” of marijuana a death defining experience? Some suppose the driver is more attentive to his/her surroundings, of course stated by Jonny Pot his/her self. To this day, since 1980, there have been zero deaths due to the use of marijuana, thus, the examined study of users vs. drivers is irrelevant in not certain but many aspects. However what if those

I gave a small survey to five licensed drivers all under the age of 30; split into two categories, cell phone use and under the influence of marijuana. Each category was broken down into 3 separate questions with yes or no answers.

(1)Does it directly cause in influence of distraction or break attention?

(2) Is driving performance altered?

(3) If legal, would you do find it acceptable in today’s social web?

The results are as followed:

Marijuana: (1) 2 said yes / 3 said no. (2) 2 said yes / 3 said no (3) 3 said yes / 2 said no

Cell phone: (1) 3 said yes / 2 said no (2) 3 said yes / 2 said no (3) 5 said yes / 0 said no

Majority of smokers did not find a problem while driving under the influence as shown, as well as, majority shows that drivers were comfortable with driving while texting. Proving majority of choices is not intimidated by repercussions of the actions.

Do these findings hold water to every poor choice made daily? Does this mean I shouldn’t swear in class merely by self defense? Is the Atlantic going to drain faster if I keep my faucet running when I’m brushing my teeth?

Think of all the choices we make daily…thousands upon thousands, how do we know which are appropriate to follow through with?

In 1619, Virginia passed legislation allowing every farmer to grow hemp. A product made from the marijuana plant, using the product as tender in 3 states. Years since, the legalities had changed, penalizing those who possess a disclosed amount to more than likely jail time. What had been accepted by government officials to the highest level and society itself has been rejected of its acceptance.

In 1985, Motorola introduced the ‘’dynaTAC’’ mobile phone. Infamous in the show ‘’saved by the bell”, Zach Morris carried this gigantic piece of wonder throughout the halls, made calls during Ms. Bliss’ class. Like something in a war movie, the dynaTAC was just the beginning of something that would become a “tech-phenomena”… the smaller they got, the more they were enhanced and along with the more they became forbidden due to common distraction. Now somehow, twisted with today’s society, we have made the law.

We have created a ‘’hell’’. No one is to blame for these ridiculous rules other than our selves. Weed? We became our own outlaws, our choices effected the path we chose.

Life is a line…a destiny made and created by a series of choices we make, influenced by both peers and ourselves. Whether we are relevant to it, the thousands of choices we make arrange in a cool web fingering out into other choices and from those new ones are created. What will be the next obsession become something we should have never had?

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