Offering Bible Studies in Public Schools
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Offering Bible Studies in Public Schools

Offering bible studies in public schools is good because this enhances the development of good values in the children.

Offering Bible courses to public schools is a very good idea. The Bible teaches God's words that could help in molding the students into better people. Young people must be taught to believe in the existence of God because it could help them develop good morals and this could help them keep away from bad vices and bad company. When one believes in God, he would fear committing sins and would always do what is right. It is normal for all people to commit sins for there are no people who are perfect and no person hasn't committed any sin either but when one believes in God, the tendency for that person is to do what he thinks is right and thereby keeping away from the things that he know is against the ten commandments of God.

Nowadays when many young people sometimes act in inhuman ways, teaching them about Bible is needed to enlighten their mind and teach them the values that they have overlooked. Young people would have better conduct and values when taught about the good teachings of God which are in the Bible.

Teaching Bible courses to public schools would help enhance good values in young people. I have noticed that my students who study in the private schools where Bible courses are offered are more properly behaved than those students who come from public schools that do not offer Bible courses. Young people tend to believe the teachings in the Bible. They behave properly because they fear that God will punish them and bring their souls to hell if they do not behave properly. As for those who do not believe in God, they often say, "There is no God and I could do what I want."

The mere belief in the Bible is enough to make a child fear doing evil things which may lead him or her to hell. Most people, especially the young ones, fear hell and what this place may do to them. And it is good to enlighten the minds of the young people while they are young about this matter. Fearing sin is good for young people because they will always think before doing something that is against the laws of God.

As a teacher, I have experienced many things regarding children. Even very young children know what God can do to sinners. They always say good things because they know that God is always there listening and watching them to do what is good. And if they are taught Bible courses, they would be molded as fine fellows instead of people involved in unthinkable crimes.

Bible courses are always associated with the good side and it would help students to become good. It is therefore right to offer Bible courses to public schools. In a country, specially my country where children in public schools greatly outnumber students in private schools, this course must be taught to help build a better and friendlier environment for them. This means a better and friendlier world to live in too, especially in this kind of world we are in.


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Comments (2)

If the Bible were to be a daily reading I truly believe the world would be a better place.Very well done article. Thank you for sharing this wise information. voted up.

I agree roberta. the bible must be read by students and truly learn from the teachings.