How to Say No to People
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How to Say No to People

How to say no politely? How to say no to people you love? Saying no. How to say no to people around you?

We all go through situations in life when we need to say no but we end up saying yes. The moment we say yes we regret immediately as that was not our intention in the first place. What’s the point of saying yes and please someone else and cringe yourself? At most times we do not want to disappoint others or we fear the confrontation. But are these reasons enough to keep saying yes and hating yourself for doing so?

Learn to respect yourself

First and foremost learn to respect yourself. Do things to please yourself. By this I do not mean that you become selfish. But do not go out of your way to do things for people which you actually do not intend to. Love yourself to consider your comfort level and make only those promises that you can keep.

Do not depend on others to measure your worth

Do not measure your worth according to what people think of you? Most of the time people do things for others because they want to project themselves as good in other people’s eyes. When others do not regard your goodness then you simply begin to brood. Do not try to please others for personal gratification. It doesn’t work.

Is saying no impossible?

Why do you think that the skies will fall if you say no to someone? If others choose to remain with you just because you are always available and they know that you will never say no; then you actually do not need them in your life. If you keep going against your wishes to please others you will only end up being bitter.

Break the jinx

As children we are always taught to be polite and not refuse anything to anyone. Sometimes as adults we take that a bit too far. We think that it is only right to please everyone around us, specially our near and dear ones. But in doing so we end up hurting ourselves and even if we say no we carry the guilt. Get out of this circle.

How to actually say no

If ever you are asked to do something that you don’t wish to, be firm yet polite and tell the person sincerely why you are not interested. Or you could do it some other time. Never make excuses. Believe me nine out of ten times the other person will understand and respect you for being honest without holding a grudge against you. And the one % who cannot take no for an answer, you are better without them. Any day.

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