How Family Values and Bounds Can Form a Maffia
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How Family Values and Bounds Can Form a Maffia

How a maffia gets formed. Why anybody can become a criminal.

Any group of relatives need just one rotten apple to be taken down. You need this one criminal personality among your relatives that might know about your trouble and your situation and you might be in for involuntarily criminal activity.

Yes, a founding godfather is the start of each mob. He abuses the family ties, to make you not testify against him or her, but in most cases it will be a male figure.

First thing an ambitious Don will do, is looking for the weak links among his relatives. Is their anybody in social, mental, addictive or whatever trouble?

He will go to that person and manipulate him or her. Also will he grateful spark extra twists in the family. Did a relative abuse his or her family or children? Was there a report?

Call people that might talk ungrateful and point out what they own to their family. Make them the bad people, so they will not talk.

Say: "look what this person has given you, has done for you and so on." This person might not be willing to give this relative in.

Find out what you can find and hold against everybody and play the godfather.

Also make sure you disable all those who are able to talk to the police or might hand you in. Make sure you have weapons and that they know, but cannot proof.

If they cannot respect you enough, they should fear you enough. And than you are ready to involve the family into your illegal actions, once you are sure they will not betray you for their own sake, since you have already taken them in too deep.

Let is start simple with showing your relatives a favor. Here is a true example.

A relative of yours has for a long time been a victim of her abusive husband. She is traumatized and in therapy due to that, but not mentally ill, but you know she moved back in with her mother, who might indeed have a mental problem, but ignores it and does not want help.

You know the two of them never got along fine. But you play the good guy and make your traumatized relative, that has already suffered a lot of mental terror, look like she is a dangerous psychopath that is out to kill her mother to inherit.

This person is really out on the street with no income and nowhere to go, grateful she can stay with her mother, but your mother has an apartment for rent and if she can move in there, she will be away from her mother, who is thinking bad things of her and keeps bashing her for her mistakes, which makes her angry and lose her temper from time to time.

So she will sign the rental contract to take state income and to live on her own. But here is the deal: she is not allowed there and you know she will lose her income if she talks and she does not want to give away her mother and her aunt.

In the main time you do some clandestine business and put some stuff in the house of the mother of the traumatized cousin, where she is forced to live with her mother, who is also mental suffering the fights between her and her daughter and has trouble keeping facts apart.

Visit you relatives daily and stir them up against each other and make the daughter doubt herself even more, while you know there are some not fully legally obtained things in the house.

Now who is going to betray you to the police? The cousin that you make belief she is mentally ill and had enough of your legally prohibited ideology her husband also had and who might risk her income? You mother, who is too afraid to talk, or your aunt, who believes her daughter is the criminal, but has some probably stolen objects in her house?

This is how you can easily turn a group of decent people into a mob. If one talks, this person risks something, maybe even his or her life.

So any clever rotten apply might spoil an entire group of relatives, just applying the family values that you should help, love and respect each other.

But is anybody who abused these values worth calling family?

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Comments (2)

You don't necessarily have to form a maffia with the behaviors you list -- there are dysfuncitonal families that behave like this in every-day life. In our own neighborhoods and families. Unfortunately. The original maffia originated because invading countries plundered and ramsacked gifted countries who had lots to offer in way of trade and natural resources and little protection. To protect themselves the people formed the shell of a maffia, but it was to protect their families from the rapings of both humans and country. They turned bad for the reasons that you portray above, but the first maffias were similar to vigilantes - they were for protection of their loved ones - and some mutated to what you descibe - which is more a review of The Soprano's - a made-for-TV interpretation.

Thanks for sharing this info, Marie. I was refering is this article to how new criminal clans might form, which does not have anything to do with the original maffia, which I am glad to hear had different roots than what we know today from TV. But you may wonder where some get their inspiration.